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How to Repair a Washing Machine

How to Repair a Washing Machine  

  Did you know that even the most advanced, modern and reliable washing machines can have washing machine errors? You should learn to fix the errors right away if your want your washer to work longer. 

Here are some of the most common washing machine errors and their recommended solutions: 

1. The washer is displaying error codes because it is not detecting water inside. 

You should check the flow of water. Make sure nothing is obstructing the flow of water. Check the back of the machine and remove the water hose. Try cleaning the water filter first. Accumulated debris can block the flow of water. 

Most washers, especially the top load ones, have water outlets that run directly through the detergent dispenser. You should also check the dispenser and find out if something is clogging the dispenser holes. Remove the debris and get rid of lingering detergent. 

Once your washer is already working, run an empty hot water cycle and add one cup of distilled white vinegar. This will cleanse the interior of the machine and will also help get rid of hardened residues. 

2. Motor Tacho or motor errors. 

This can happen to many washers, especially the AEG washer models. It is mainly caused by a worn out washer brush or bearing. If the machine does not detect an output from the meter at the end of the motor shaft, this will cause washer problems. If you are using old models of washers, this can be a constant problem. 

To avoid this problem, make sure you even out your loads all the time. Arrange your clothes properly to prevent wearing out the brushes or the bearings quickly. To fix the code error, try holding the short wash and the pre wash buttons at the same time. Carefully turn the knob off and switch it to the gentle spin cycle. 

3. Spin errors. 

If the machine is not spinning, it is probably caused by a broken agitator or a broken belt. You might have to replace the agitator with a new one. Also check the belt of the machine. If you can see signs of deterioration, purchase a replacement for this part. 

You should try "resetting" your washer first. Turn the drum until you can feel a resistance. Hold that position for about a minute and then release the drum. 

These are just some of the errors that you can fix. Many code errors are caused by circuit failure. These errors should be fixed by a professional. 

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