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Washer Safety Tip

Before making repairs, pull the plug and turn off the faucets. Note: Appliance models vary; see your owner's manual for information specific to your washer.

When your washer doesn't work.

Check for:

  • Proper power supply.
  • Unplugged or defective cord.
  • Blown fuse or circuit breaker.
  • Kinked water supply or drain hose.


  • Repair power supply.
  • Plug in or replace cord.
  • Replace fuses or turn circuit breaker back on.
  • Straighten the kink. If you can't, replace the hose.

Washer doesn't fill.

Check for:

  • Blocked water inlet screens.
  • Clogged filters
  • A kink in one of the hoses
  • Timer that is not set
  • Defective timer or temperature selector.


  • Clean or replace water inlet screens.
  • Check the inlet hose filters and clean them.
  • Straighten the water supply hoses.
  • Turn the timer slightly or press the buttons firmly.
  • Replace timer or temperature selector*  
  • *Problem is best left to a professional.