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Do I Need Washing Machine Insurance?

If you have a new or almost new washing machine and need to take out Washing Machine Insurance to cover repairs or that occassional washer breakdown,.

You will be surprise to find that there are not a lot of options when you start your Washing Machine Insurance or Clothes Washer Insurance search.

When you purchase a “New” Washing Machine from an Appliance Store and any Appliance Retailer, most will try to get you to purchase an “Extended Warranty” at that time. However, would strongly advise against it. You may be paying “TOO” much if you make a decision based on the retailers recommendation.

You need to do a little “Due Diligence” and get to a computer and start comparing insurance prices and quotes with other Washing Machine Insurance Companies.

Be careful before you purchase “Extended Warranties”. Why?  

 Washing Machine Extended Warranties – May not be for You:

1. Most appliance warranty companies cannot get to the same day – in some cases it will take a week or more.

2. All “Washing Machine Warranties” are not 100% Paid. What!

3. There are a different types of Appliance Warranties. Full Warranty and Partial Warranty. Full Warranty – You pay “Nothing” out of pocket. Partial Warranty – you will either pay for parts or labor usually.

4. Before you even consider purchasing an Extended Warranty – Do your math and make sure you not paying more for the Warranty than the Washing Machine is worth.

By doing you homework ahead of time and start researching a few different Washing Machine Insurance Companies NOW – before you purchase your new Washing Machine. You will save yourself a lot frustration and disappointment, not to mention saving money that you do not to spend.