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Why You Should Buy LCD TV?

 LCD (liquid crystal display) TVs are totally phasing out the CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes) television sets and for a good reason that is. The Best LCD TV, for starters offers much better, clearer picture quality and great picture resolution as well. It brings life to all the colors giving us a chance to enjoy the television experience to the hilt. Also, a liquid crystal display TV occupies hardly any space, what with its ultra slim body and sleek and stylish design, making it a treat to look at. You simply hang it on any wall or place it in the smallest of the spaces available. Most of the leading electronic brands today, like Sony, Toshiba, LG, BenQ to name a few manufacture LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology television sets.

When purchasing a TV of this type, you have to consider various factors such as its resolution, contrast ratio and of course its screen size. Yes, bigger the screen size, better is the experience, this is true. But, you cannot simply afford to buy a 42 inch or 65 inch LCD TV when you don't have a large enough room for you to sit and view from a comfortable distance. It is very important to gauge the right amount of distance that you should keep from the TV when watching it. Sitting too close, will not only strain and stress your eyes, but also makes the images look pixilated and not very pleasant. For a 32 inch LCD TV, you must keep a minimum distance of 6-8 feet from the screen and for a 65 inch LCD TV, maintain at least 16-18 feet of distance from the TV screen.

In most cases, a 32 inch TV is a perfect option for any kind of space, big or small. It isn't too small to make images lack in the details, nor is it too big for a medium sized or a small room. Most people opt for a 32 inch TV, because that fits into every ones' criteria and preferences. A bigger screen sized TV of say 65 inch would not only occupy larger space, but would obviously cost more too. So, why spend double the amount of money as well as space when you can easily make do with a 32 inch LCD TV in your living room. And bigger the screen, the more away you would have to sit from it, and that can prove to be cumbersome in limited spatial options.

When purchasing a 32 inch liquid crystal display TV, make sure it has a resolution of about 1920 x 1080 at least, so that the picture clarity and the colors are just right for that perfect date with your 32 inch LCD TV. So, if you are planning to purchase a liquid crystal display TV, and are wondering what the right screen should be, go for a safe bet with a 32 inch LCD TV. With that, you simply can't go wrong and spoil the whole television experience; that is not what you want right?

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