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The Best Stoves of 2011

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  Gas kitchen stoves and ovens are the most important equipment in any type of kitchen. With innovation and upgrades in kitchen equipment, most household owners and even restaurant owners have a problem deciding which one is more cost efficient and proper for the kitchen's main equipment. 

The main necessity of any home and restaurant is kitchen gas stoves. Whether it is used to serve a family or a group of people, it is necessary to have a superior gas range that can better serve the family or the business as a whole. Remodeling of kitchen has always involved an upgrade in cooking equipment including gas stoves to gas ranges and ovens. The best kitchen equipment has always been a priority for many homes and even restaurants all over the globe. 

Both electric and gas stoves have gone a long way in improvement. However, gas has some restrictions even from the past. The output of gas differs based on the amount of heat produced. The gas produced is determined in BTU or British Thermal Units. If you are looking into conserving energy with kitchen gas stoves, choose a gas stove that has a high or low BTU ranking. 

Gas ranges with high BTU consumes a high amount of energy but the rate at which the operation of gas is needed is faster. It also has quicker rate in recovering heat. Therefore high BTU gas ranges are better for hotels and restaurants rather than for home use. Gas ranges with low BTU output are more cost-efficient but the rate of producing heat is slower. Natural gases are better used for commercial cooking while LPG gases are better for home use or for homes in rural areas. 

There is better and immediate control of heat with gas ranges and this is one big advantage in using gas kitchen stoves. But its performance in roasting is fairly low as compared to electric stoves and microwaves. The breaks under the shelf of the chief oven are one of the reasons why gas stoves perform poorly when roasting. 

There are modern gas ranges that try to meet problems of spilling to better utilize the heat produced by the oven. The burners are sealed within the oven so that heat is trapped within and therefore better roasting is achieved. Overall, the function and performance of modern kitchen gas ranges are now consistent and superior in quality. 

An upgrade in kitchen equipment and appliances is a great idea. However, it is always best to select the right units to do the job for you. Choosing from a wide variety of equipment is a challenging task but it can be made easy if you know what you are looking for in gas kitchen stoves and other kitchen appliances. 


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