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Keeping your kitchen clean and clutter-free can be very stressful especially if you have a small area. You wish to have a big and luxurious kitchen to have a bigger area for all your kitchen stuff and small appliances. However, you can't just get into the idea of increasing the space and remodeling your whole kitchen because it will surely take much of your time and savings.

You often feel uncomfortable and frustrated every time you visit your kitchen to prepare food particularly during holidays. You don't actually have to feel upset every time you look around your kitchen to cook and fix your mess -- or scrimp on your more important household items just to enjoy comfort cooking. All you need to do is to follow some simple tricks on how to organize small kitchen appliances and always try to be creative.

When you want to get rid of clutters it is important to inspect all small appliances found in your kitchen. If you no longer need some of the items, you can give them to a friend. Or if you want to earn extra income, you can put old items in a garage sale. You can repair slightly broken or worn kitchen appliances - however, if restoring them can be costly, it is more convenient if you remove them from the counters to minimize mess in the kitchen. For instance, if your electric blenders or coffee makers are broken and you can't have a less expensive repair then you should replace them.

One awful cause of a messy kitchen is a limited space, so it is important to have a specific storage area for small appliances. If you can't find an empty space try to utilize the walls in your kitchen. You can save space by using wall mount shelves and cabinets. You can also use wire cradles or hooks to hang baking and cooking tools such as measuring cups, spoons, spatulas and pots. Through this you can have good storage area and efficiently save kitchen space. Make a list of all items and set aside those small appliances that you don't always use and store them at the back of cabinets, in the garage, or in other storage rooms.

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