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Installing a Double Basin Kitchen Sink? Consider These Tips

A double basin kitchen sink, not only gives home owners many positive benefits, but additionally outstanding flexibility in design considering they come in completely different shapes and sizes and are made of different materials. These sinks are either mounted under the counter or dropped in and mounted over the counter. The mounting can be done based on your individual preference. But, there are some things to consider when making this choice.

If your countertop is manufactured of granite, soapstone, or any other pricey and luxurious material, you will more than likely need to make sure that as much of the surface of the countertop as possible will be seen. In this case, you really should undermount your sink. The selection of a double basin kitchen sink is going to be influenced by how it's going to be used as well as the design and style of the kitchen area. You should really take into account the colors and styles of cabinets, floors, and appliances from the kitchen. The worst thing you can do is select a sink that is distracting or does not enhance the look you have with your kitchen.

There are countless varieties of double basin kitchen sinks, but they all have one similar feature. Double basin sinks have two basins separated by a divider. The size opportunities out there for this divider are: 50/50, 60/40, and 70/30. These represent the fraction of space apportioned to each and every basin. A 50/50 sink would have equal sized basins and depths on each side. A 60/40 drain includes a left basin that may be wider and deeper than the other side. In a 70/30 sink, the left basin is seventy percent greater and deeper than the right basin. Most homeowners favor the 60/40 model for its style.

The most common products used for double basin kitchen sinks are stainless steel and cast iron. Stainless steel is way more broadly used because it complements most kitchen interiors. One problem reported regarding stainless steel is that it may be scratched from daily use. Having said that you can order sink grids to fit several sink models. You insert the grid in the sink. This will protect the sink from scratches from dishes and silverware. An added advantage of purchasing a grid is the fact that it improves the longevity of the basin.

Another material applied is cast iron. If you're in the market for a cast iron double basin kitchen sink, keep in mind that you will have to have additional support for those kinds of sinks so that your countertops won't be damaged. This is because the cast iron sink is rather heavy and could result in the countertop splitting due to additional pressure. So be sure to include this additional expense in your budget.

For more tips on selecting a double basin kitchen sink, check out the Best Sink Basins. You will find a wide selection of options for a kitchen sink, stainless steel sinks, bathroom sinks and more..

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