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The Rinnai Tankless Water Heater - What You need to Know Before You Buy!

 What are the Advantages?

If you're planning to change your water heater system or are still using an old electric heater, take a look at the Rinnai tankless water heater range because it has a lot of advantages:

Tankless gas heaters don't store water and so you don't pay to keep gallons of water at a high temperature as in the tanks of electric hot water heaters. You get endless hot water on demand and needn't to wait for a tank to heat up before you can have a shower or use the washing machine.

This translates into a saving of up to 40% per year on your energy use and utility bills. An estimated annual energy cost shows the Rinnai costs roughly $223.00, a 40-gallon gas tank heater costs $281.00 and a 40-gallon electric tank will cost you a massive $492.00! It really gives you something to think about.

If you're keen to get an instant heater which will give you durability and reliability you'll be interested to know the Rinnai tankless water heater gives a longer warranty than other manufacturers in the industry. You get a 12-year guarantee on the heat exchanger which shows their confidence in their product. A typical lifespan for a Rinnai water heater is 20 plus years in a residential location and this is almost twice as long as a tank.

The Rinnai system also guarantees that your water will always be clean and fresh. Traditional electric or gas heater tanks allow rust and lime-scale to build up inside the container storing your hot water that you use every day for bathing and drinking! However, when you have a Rinnai tankless there is nowhere for rust of scale to accumulate and you always get fresh, clean water coming out of your taps.

Traditional electric hot water heater tanks take up as much as 16 square feet of floor space in your home, but a tankless water heater is very compact and can be fixed on almost any wall either inside or outside your home. You don't get the problem of frequent maintenance or servicing with a Rinnai tankless water heater, because there's no tank to leak or break and no risk of flooding.

And for added safety in the home there's a temperature controller that allows you to set water temperatures for different locations in your home to prevent any risk of scalding accidents. You also get very low NOx and CO2 emissions that mean the air in your home is cleaner and healthier for your family and this is one of the features that makes Rinnai tankless water heaters eco friendly and SCAQMD approved.

Finding a suitable installation location is easy owing to its small size and you can even install Rinnai heaters in a garage or laundry room. You just need to put the unit close to the point of use to get instant hot water. If you install a tankless gas Rinnai water heater inside your home the unit will vent directly to the outside and use a concentric venting system that just need one penetration for intake and exhaust, which improves safety and uses less space.

If you install a tankless gas heater on an outside wall there's no need for a vent and the Rinnai water heater can be installed in a recessed enclosure that is flush with the outer wall and then painted to match the outside of your home. If you need a higher capacity of hot water you can always use Rinnai tankless water heaters in pairs, or in rows of three or more to give you all the hot water you require. There's an EZConnect cable which lets you connect two units easily and three or more units can be combined with an MSA control system.

If you want to save money and if you also want to buy an eco friendly water heater, you'll find it easy to choose something from the Rinnai tankless range. They use the latest technology to cut energy costs and who doesn't want to save cash on their water heating bills?

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