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The Best Pur Water Filter

PUR Water Filters Reviews - Do They Tell You Everything About PUR?

PUR water filters reviews, do they tell you everything about PUR, is a very good question. Here's what some of the best review websites had to say about the pitcher: 

  • they produce good tasting water
  • the pitcher can be stored in the refrigerator
  • the filter will need to be replaced regularly
  • tests show they filter twenty one contaminants including giardia and cryptospodium 

The last comment puts them slightly ahead of the Brita jug whose filtration does not manage cysts, but when you consider there are more than two thousand possible toxins in your drinking water, does this go far enough?

Faucet-filter reviews

People usual choose a faucet mounted filter if they need more water than a dispenser of pitcher/jug can provide. Reports indicate: 

  • they are easy to install and come with a straightforward guide
  • you can switch between unfiltered and filtered via a bypass valve
  • three-stage-filters are the best option for water taste
  • they clog easily
  • changing filters is awkward
  • the rate of flow is slow 

These machines are said to filter-out many more contaminants than their competitors models, this doesn't inspire much optimism for the competitors!

Under sink models don't seem to fare any better and the main thing this brand has to offer is the novelty flavor options, which are sure to be a hit with the children.

Whether you are an American or live in Canada or Australia, a review appears to have little to offer regarding the things that really concern you. It does not tell you if the components are well made or not. This criticism also applies equally to some distillation and reverse osmosis systems even in some other big brand names such as: 

  • Culligan
  • Whirlpool (wher25)
  • Avantapure
  • Kinetico 

It's necessary to remember the review comments mentioned above came from a serious website, you will also come across overhyped marketing copy that is full of totally useless jargon. Then there will be those from the everyday housewife who loves the taste of the water and is impressed with how quickly the plumber or her husband was able to fit the appliance.

But are you concerned about your health?

For those concerned about their health, PUR water filters reviews and some of the others really fall short of being informative.

You also need to consider that various filtration machines are made for different purposes according to the source of your water, so you really need to know their capabilities. The only way to do this is to read the performance data and compare individual brands, but this can be time consuming.

Other facts not mentioned in a review: 

  • seventy percent of all chlorine that enters your body does so via your skin, not from the water you drink
  • some units contain silver nitrate alongside the carbon, which is detrimental to your health
  • some methods of purification will leave you with demineralized water, which again is not good for your health
  • you would be better off with a multi filtration whole house system 

As you can see from the above, you cannot learn everything about the product by just reading PUR water filters reviews, you need much more detailed information which examines the different filters in detail.

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