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The Karcher K 5 540 X Series pressure washer is an electric powered beast amongst its competitors. From its innovative engine design and use of a new high tech motor to the massive 2000 psi rating, this machine is designed to work hard for you. The performance and results will easily stack up to the gas powered washers, only at a lower price tag. 

Most pressure washers feature an engine that is cooled with a fan. This motor features a new and unique system that is cooled with water instead. This provides multiple benefits, with the most important one being a longer lasting engine that runs quieter than most. You will notice the noise factor cut in half in comparison to others with the traditional cooling system. There are less moving parts to the system so that means better durability over time. The lack of a fan blowing constantly is what allows the unit to operate quieter than others and anyone who has used one for an extended period of time will be grateful for that. 

A corrosive resistant polymer can be found in the swash plate component of this unit instead of the normal axial cam pumps that are found in most. When working with water a corrosive resistant material only makes sense. 

While it is normally true that an electric washer lacks pressure and falls short in performance to a larger, more expensive gas unit, that is not the case with this product from Karcher. With 2000 psi you are going to run through almost one and a half gallons per minute which is more than enough to take care of those cleaning projects around the house, And the house itself for that matter. Deck cleaning, house washing, car washing, cleaning sidewalks, and more are all made easy with the adjustable spray nozzles that are included. 

Included with the 5.540 are two different wands. The Vario Power spray wand is more of a light weight wand used for smaller jobs that do not require a lot of pressure such as washing your car or other soft surfaces, as the washer does pack enough punch to damage surfaces if used improperly. The DirtBlaster wand features a very powerful jet stream that will quickly cut through dirty surfaces with ease and will make cleaning hard, rough surfaces like concrete, brick, and block a cinch. 

The handy on board soap dispenser snaps out for easy filling with SoapPacs which Karcher manufactures exclusively for use in their X series. Another unique feature that is not found in very many units is the ability to pull water from an alternative source such as a pool or lake. An additional accessory is needed for this which will cost you around $60. This is one of many attachments and accessories that are available. 

Using the washer for the first time could not get much simpler. Unlike other units, this Karcher sprayer almost assembles itself. With a twist here and a turn there, you can have this unit put together in no time and ready to use. A handy quick connector is also included to use with your garden hose so you are not spending time getting frustrated trying to screw it in and tighten it. 

All in all, The Karcher K 5 540 X Series pressure washer is a great deal and provides a lot of bang for the buck. Its price and performance make it stand out amongst its competitors. It's ease of assembly and optional accessories give it the decided edge. 

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