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The Best Laundry Detergents

How to Choose the Best Washing Machine Detergent

 Washing Machine Detergents are solutions used for cleaning the laundry items such as the clothes, towels and bed sheet. Washing machine detergent is used in the washer, a mechanism designed for cleaning the clothes in a washing machine.

Water is used as the main source for cleaning of clothes and washing machine detergent is used as a cleaning fluid that helps in the removal of stains and dirt from the clothes. The energy created in the washing machine induces the washer to wash the clothes and the washing machine detergent cleans the stains in the process of washing.

There are two types of detergents used for washing purposes, cold water detergent and hot water detergent. These detergents has to be used depending upon the temperature of the water. Washing machine detergents play an ultimate role in keeping the clothes fresh and dirt free. It is compulsory to wash the clothes using detergents and this process provides clean clothes.

Different types of Washing Machine Detergents

Washing Machine Detergents are available in the market in different forms. Some of the popular types of washing machine detergents are washing powder, washing liquid, washing soap and washing tablets. Washing powder comes in a powdered form and they are easily soluble in water.

The washing powder provides lot of bubbles and fragrance to the washing water. Washing powder is easily dispensable and protects clothes from germs and dirt. Washing liquid is something which is watery in nature and it can be used by pouring the liquid into the water, it easily combines with the water and removes tough stains and grime from the clothes. Washing soap is a solid form of detergent and it is used in removing dirt in the specific area.

Detergent soap is generally used to remove dirt in a particular area of the clothes and keeps the clothes perfumed. Washing tablet comes in the form of small buttons and they are easily soluble in water, these tablets can be dropped inside the washing tub and on rotation of the tub the tablet dissolves and merges with water. It protects the clothes and provides fragrance too.

Tips in the purchasing of the Washing Machine Detergent

Washing machine detergents should be purchased based on the quality and quantity. Usage of the right proportion of the detergent helps in yielding the best results. More concentrated detergent makes the washing water soapy and the clothes turn rough and hard. Over dosage of detergent results in the color loss for the clothes and hence a mild detergent should be used for gentle clothes.

Tough laundries like bed sheets and rugs needs a heavy detergent powder and they have to be used in the correct proportions. Guidelines and directions provided in the washing machine detergent must be thoroughly read and followed to get best results. Baby clothes needs very mild detergent and they have to be purchased according to the requirements. Purchasing of quality detergents keeps the clothes safe and durable.

Detergents should be used also depending on the kind of clothes you use or wear and purchases have to be made based on those requirements. Normal clothes require lesser concentration power of detergent, baby clothes require milder concentration and heavier clothes like bed-sheets etc require higher concentration. This is the tip to be observed in the purchase of the washing machine detergent.

Recommendations for the top five detergent brands

Some of the popular brands of detergents used in America are

o Tide with Bleach Alternative- This detergent is found to be costlier than other detergents but ranks first due to the removal of tough hard stains and odor removal. The detergent is professionally tested and has gained many good reviews from the customers.

o Great Value Ultra-The washing detergent is little cheaper than compared to Tide. It removes stains to certain extent. The detergent has gained popularity due to the low price and it is generally suitable for normal clothes.

o Cheer color guard HE-This is a highly concentrated soap and it is recommended for usage in front loading washing machines and high proficiency top loaders mostly. It has a color guard and works well on stains.

o Seventh Generation Free and Clear-This detergent is an eco-friendly detergent and it is made out of vegetable oils instead of petroleum products. The detergent is friendly to the environment and gentle to the clothes. Acts well on stains and provide good fragrance.

o Cheer Free and Gentle- This is a mild detergent and the usage of chemical is also very low in this case. It is suitable for babies and children. The chemicals are harmless and do not react upon the skin of the babies.

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