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There are different ways to ensure that your water bill remains the same or does not go higher. One of these is making sure that your faucets are still working well. You have to check them every so often to see if there are leaks or other problems.

A leaky faucet can lead to bigger bill amount. When you notice that your faucet requires replacement, there are different faucet types in the market. On the other hand, if you want to repair your faucet or you need to have it fixed by a plumber, you need to determine its type.

This way, it will be easy for the repairman to come up with the perfect repair solution. Since faucets come in many kinds, you have to acquire basic knowledge over each one to help you identify your specific faucet type.

Compression Faucets: The Oldest Type

When it comes to the first faucet types, a compression faucet tops the list. You will be able to distinguish a compression-type of faucet by looking into the handles for the cold and hot water. Closing off the water flow requires you to compress the faucet's washer or tighten its handle. There are lesser households opting to have their kitchen sinks installed with this type of faucet, what with the latest types that are available in the market. These current designs and styles look nicer and have better functionality.

The Unique Movement of Cartridge Faucets

Another type of faucet is the cartridge faucet, which works through a stem cartridge. The stem cartridge is movable in a down and up motion, letting you regulate the flow of the water. You will be able to distinguish this faucet type through the way they operate. It is unlike the movements of other faucet types. If you want to regulate the temperature of the water, all you have to do is turn it from left to right. The two functions of cartridge faucets make them among the unique faucet types in the market.

The Cylindrical Body of Disc Faucets

A disc faucet is considered as the most recent type of a "washerless faucet." It is unlike the ball faucet, which is the first type of washerless faucet types. A disc faucet is distinguished through its single lever. This level is found over a cylindrical-shaped body. It is called as such because of its two discs, which are made from ceramic. These discs are contained within a broad cartridge. The discs slide over one another, in order to regulate the water flow and temperature. Compared to a ball faucet, a disc faucet does not leak all the time.

Ball Faucets: First Washerless Faucets

When it comes to washerless faucet types, a ball faucet is considered as the first type. It is typically installed and utilized for kitchen sinks. It comes with one handle, which moves above the faucet's cap. The shape of the cap is similar to a ball, on top of the spout's base. The disadvantage of ball faucets is the fact that they are prone to leakage more, compared to other faucet types.

Whatever type of Kitchen faucet you are looking for, you have two general options. You can either buy it within a local home hardware store or from an online home depot site.

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