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The Best Hoover Vacuum Cleaners

The Best Hoover Vacuum Cleaner- Is it the Right One for Your Home?

 An invention is sometimes created because of a need or by accident and believe it or not, the vacuum cleaner is a very good example.

Murray Spangler was a janitor cleaning the office using a dustpan and broom. Since the person was asthmatic, a little ingenuity was needed to prevent an attack from happening. This involved using a fan and broom handle that sucked up dirt as the individual cleaned.

When Mr. And Mrs. Hoover saw this, the couple decided to get a patent and the rest is history. The company has been making vacuum cleaners for close to a hundred years now and is still working hard to keep the business growing.

One of the upright models that Hoover is selling is the Bagged Tempo Widepath. This is designed to capture dust mites, dirt and common grass pollens with its powerful 12-ampere motor offering excellent cleaning performance.

The person may get one of these in the favorite store for $60 to $80 a unit, which is light and very easy to use. This can be stored in the closet and brought out again whenever the person chooses to do so.

The newest vacuum cleaner in the Hoover product line is known as the Windtunnel. It comes with a self-cleaning filter and a headlight so that the user can reach underneath the couch or cabinet.

The nice thing about this model is that the person doesn't need to buy replacement filter bags anymore. Once the unit is full, the contents that are in a cup are transferred into the trashcan and used again to capture more dirt.

Most vacuums can only reach a certain distance so the user has to pull it a little closer. With the Windtunnel, the person doesn't have to do this because it also comes with an 8-inch hose.

This comes with other accessories allowing it to clean almost any surface and has a one-year warranty on parts and services.

Hoover is available in almost any appliance store. The person can check out the Internet to know more about the other models it has especially if the entire product line is not being offered in a retail outlet.

If people want value for money, getting a vacuum cleaner from Hoover is the way to go. With the years of experience and number of patents under its belt, no one can go wrong in using this household appliance over other brands in the market.

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