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Plans to Build a Homemade Wind Generator - Build a Wind Generator  

Are you looking for plans to build a homemade wind generator? We've found some really thorough plans that show you how to build your own. In fact, you can make a 1000 watt model in just a few days for under $150. That's pretty great considering we just priced a store bought model at $3300! What do you need to get started? 

· Ordinary household tools- jigsaw, wrenches etc. 

· A reliable helper 

· A place to work, basement, room, garage... 

· And detailed plans to build a homemade wind generator 

The center of the project is the power generation unit and most installations will be able to use a DC motor for their generator. They work great and are easily obtained for about $30 from the sources listed in the plans. Electricity is produced simply by the wind pushing the blades in one direction (they are offset to catch the wind and move the blades). 

This spin of the blades in turn spins the DC motor which sends electrical current to your home. Pretty simple stuff. The electricity is stored in batteries to be used later on, and the plans show you where to find free deep cycle batteries you can use too. After you order the DC motor (it can be shipped directly to you) you can start on building the individual components of the wind turbine. We usually start with the blades as this takes the most effort, usually only one day of work though. 

To build the 1000w wind generator we recommend you will need blades of at least 4 feet long (total blade diameter of at least 8 feet). The longer the blades, the more wind energy that is captured which in turn produces more power for your home. You should use wood for your blades too- clear (without knots) cedar and spruce work best. The blades are easily fashioned according to the plans to build a homemade wind turbine. Wood is strong and easily obtained so makes a good building material. 

For smaller machines you can use PVC pipe for the blades, but we don't recommend using it for larger ones as strong forces of the wind can break them if they are too large. You can find a great tower by looking in your neighborhood for used TV towers. They work great. When your DC motor arrives it is a simple matter to assemble the parts as outlined in the plans. 

We remember the first time the blades started spinning on our wind generator producing free electricity for our home. What a thrill that was. You will fee the same way too. Did you know that electrical rates are expected to double by the end of next year? Isn't it time you did something about this impending disaster for you and your family? Let's get started

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