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What is the Best High Efficiency Detergent? Can I use Regular Detergents?

 Front load washing machines greatly differ from that of top load washing machines. One of their screaming differences is the choice of detergent. In front load washers, it is highly suggested to use HE detergents or high efficiency detergents.

Many people ask why there is a need to use HE detergents. Why not just use regular detergent? There is no stopping you from using regular soap for your front loader but I have to say that would be suicide for your machine.

A front load washer has different washing cycles compared to top loaders. Unlike the latter, the former has more friction in its functions. It therefore easily produces soap suds. Regular soaps easily produce soaps suds even though you only use a meager amount of it.

When too much soap suds appear in your washing machine, it can confuse your front loader. The functions will mess up in the long run. In addition to this, it may lead to the improper rinsing of your clothes.

Also, if you use regular detergent for front loading washing machines, your warranty claim will be rendered void. Manufacturing companies do not acknowledge warranty claims with washers that have been used with a regular detergent.

There is no harm in choosing high efficiency detergents. They may be more expensive that the regular ones but their cleaning action is certainly better. These detergents produce fewer suds and are not prone to friction inside the washer but they can still wash your clothes efficiently and get rid of dirt and stains effectively.

Also, you need only a small of that and it will definitely go a long way. In the long run, you will be saving more on money because one package of HE detergent can be used in many a number of clothes washing.

It is also interesting to note that these detergents have been made more eco-friendly due to its manufacturing processes. The packaging is recyclable unlike other detergent brands. In addition to that, most of the ingredients used are natural. If you use one, you are a huge help to Mother earth.

Instead of using regular detergent, why not invest in the powerful action of a high efficiency detergent when you are using your front loader? You will be prolonging the life of your washing machine. You will also be prolonging the life of the world you live in and that is something that cannot be undermined.

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