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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans - Ceiling Fans With Sytle & Tradition

Harbor Breeze is the name of the store brand of Lowes home center that sells Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. These fans are made for home owners in Lowes primarily by Litex and are only sold in Lowes as well. Litex is another company that helps in the specific production of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans along side the production of many other types of fans as well.

Like most Home Center brands, Home Breeze offers a vast variety in their arsenal gathered over 15 years. The Harbor Breezes Ceiling fan collection differs in elements such as shape, sizes, styles, finishing and prices. In the $40 - $100 price range, the fans are mostly simple and very traditional designs in white and brass finishes. Some of the other fans featured in these prices include New Orleans and an Energy Start rated fan for $40 which after investigating some reviews seems to be a particularly good deal!

As you start moving upwards from the $100 price range you will notice more innovative designs than before. Many of these fans are particularly pleasant to look at, they are very modern and creative fan designs such as the Knightsbridge and the Soleil.

Many Harbor Breeze ceiling fans also offer popular features such as remote controls, Energy Start labeling and up lights. Another advantage of Litex produced Harbor Breeze's ceiling fans tend to be of comparatively good quality and are neatly made in acknowledgement of the low prices that these fans are sold at.

Buying a fan is classified as a long term investment, it is imperative that you should talk to your local home center and scan the market to see what's available out there and in what prices. You need to be sure that you have made the correct decision; after all a fan is not something that you can buy everyday!

There are of course some factors that you will need to check the fan of your choice against, first of all you should look for fans with the highest CFM, cubic feet of airflow per minute, the fans with the highest CFM move the most air thus these fans keep you the coolest. If also necessary to check your fans blade span against those of others. Fans with a wider blade span can create greater velocity in the column of air directly beneath the span of their blades. Technically lastly you have to check your fan's Quality Rating. Try going for a 4 or a 5, such fans are made with super precision components that ensure less wobbling or noise.

Harbor Breeze's fans offer you all these factors with an additional touch of sophistication and elegance to your ceiling fans.

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