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 Dyson vacuum cleaners must surely be one of the least likely fashion items of recent years. Although the inventor, James Dyson, was turned down by all of the major manufacturers he eventually managed to launch his cleaner in the UK in the early nineties. Since then, it has been a must have for every home that could afford it. It was sold mainly on its design as well as its cleaning capability and this has been a great success. It now has many of the main manufacturers bringing out their own versions of the machine.

The Dyson vacuum cleaners have some advantages over the more traditional type of cleaner. For starters, it does not have a bag. For anyone that has done a lot for cleaning that entailed using a vacuum cleaner, this is a definitive plus. Messing around with bags is not only inconvenient it can also be expensive. If you are doing a lot of cleaning then you will use a lot of bags and if you use the ones that are made by the manufacturers then it can cost a lot of money. Being a bagless cleaner means that all you have to do is to unclip it and empty it in the trash and you are ready to continue cleaning.

The Dyson vacuum cleaners unique continual cyclone cleaning action also means that no matter how full the machine gets it will not lose its cleaning or suction power. Most cleaners that use a bag will begin to lose some of their effectiveness after a while. As their bag begins to get full the air cannot travel through the bag as well and so the cleaning action is less based on a lower suction intensity created by the vacuum cleaner. The Dyson also has very good dust filters. These can be a primary reason for buying it for those individuals that suffer from hay fever or other allergies.

The Dyson vacuum cleaners are also very well designed. They actually look like a design feature rather than a cleaner and this is one of the main reasons that they sold so well. The buyers actually wanted to buy a Dyson rather than any other make because it looked good.

The Dyson has set a good standard for other cleaners to aspire to and they make a very good machine that works well. They were very quickly the best selling cleaner in the UK and since they were launched in the US in 2001, they have made a tremendous impact here as well and they look set to continue with new designs and innovations.

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