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What Are the Best Laundry Detergent Coupons?

 When it comes to picking the right laundry detergent for your clothes it is easy to get confused and frustrated. At the moment there are about four major brands of detergent and probably twenty other not so popular brands. Some people may just buy the cheapest detergent on the shelf while others are very particular about their clothing and want a product that will get their clothes very clean without any stains or color fading.

Why you should buy quality detergent

If you just buy the cheapest detergent on the shelf you may save some money initially but in the long run you may actually end up spending more money. A quality detergent will keep your colors bright, your blacks nice and black and remove a lot of stains that the cheaper detergents may not remove. That means the money you save buy buying the cheaper product will be off-set buy all the money you will spend buying new clothes. If you love to buy clothes this may not be a problem, but I know once I find a favorite shirt or sweater I want it to look great for a very long time

What laundry detergent will get my clothes the cleanest

When it comes to getting your clothes clean there are two products that are known for doing a great job. The first product is Tide which has been in the laundry market for a very long time. Tide was first released in 1946 and ever since then they have been testing and formulating new detergents to get your clothes the whitest, brightest and cleanest. Tide actually washes 50 000 loads every year using water from all over the USA to make sure their product works the best in any area of the USA under any conditions.

Another product that is very well known for getting clothes nice and clean is Purex. Purex started in the laundry market way back in 1922 selling bleach and later began producing laundry detergent and fabric softener. One of their most popular products on the market is Purex 3 in 1 sheets. These sheets combine detergent, softener and anti-wrinkle agent all in one. All you need to do is toss the sheet into the machine and it does everything, some people call this lazy laundry, but it works. If you have some tough stains I would recommend the Purex liquid soaps as they are better at targeting and lifting stains in clothing.

I have discussed two products that will get stains out, but what if you don't really get stains in your clothes. What if you want your colors to be very bright, and your clothing to smell great. For the people who don't get their clothes that dirty I would recommend Gain. Gain is marketed as the best smelling detergent on the market and many people would agree with this. I have used Gain before and it really does smell amazing, they offer many different scents that will keep your colors vibrant and make your clothes smell great all day long.

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