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Coffee lovers have come a long way since the days when retired NBL players were plugging coffee makers on television. In the late 1990's what America thought was just a Seattle fad like grunge music and the ever re-occurring "torn jeans" fashion statement turned out to be an evolution of Java worship that would make Juan Valdez proud. Today, the ordinary "cup of Joe" born from a percolating coffee pot is but memory for coffee connoisseurs and practically unheard of by the younger generation born into the hip and trendy coffee-house scene.  

It's not surprising that with all the Mochachinos, Caramel Latte's and Cappucino Royales tempting us around every corner these days, that Americans have become spoiled and good old Taster's Choice isn't cuttin' it! It's also not a shocker that smart coffee drinkers are fed up with having to pay up to $7 bucks a pop to get a "Grande" version of something that can be easily recreated at home for pennies. Thank you Seattle for your introduction to fabulous coffee creations and also for inspiring the new wave of home espresso machines and deluxe coffee makers. 

Espresso Machine Or Coffee Maker? 

Fancy Coffee Drinkers - If you haven't been paying attention to what's happening behind the Starbucks counter when you order you mint mocha caffe' latte' you may not notice that the base of your steamy frothy drink is just regular coffee. It's only the ingredients added and preparation involved that make it the delicious masterpiece you're willing to pay $5.95 for. A quality coffee maker, a good roast of freshly ground beans, a few household ingredients and a little creativity you can make ten of them for that price; in the comfort of your home. 

Strong Coffee & Espresso Lovers - Bean enthusiasts who can't get enough caffeine and enjoy the deep effervescence, rugged taste and instant kick of a dark strong roast can appreciate a small espresso machine for the home. They are as easy to use as a coffee pot with the capability of making one or two portions at a time. Most models come equipped with a coffee press and steamer to prepare milk for Cappuccino. 

Frappuccino & Iced Coffee Fans - Which ever type of coffee maker you choose, be sure to invest in a good blender if you like mocha smoothies, frappuccino and iced coffee. All you have to do to recreate these coffee-house favorites is throw your coffee or espresso into a blender and ice, ice cream, chocolate or caramel syrup and give it a whirl. That's what Starbucks does. 

Restaurant Coffee Maker Upgrades - If you're a restaurant owner, there's no better time than now to get on the Seattle coffee bandwagon -- if you haven't since 1992. It's not a fad, and the coffee craze is here to stay. Coffee preparation has become a gourmet art and coffee drinking has evolved to proportions beyond return. The best way to keep up with the coffee-house competition -- or create your own -- is to invest in high-end industrial coffee makers and espresso machines and create your own caffeine confections. Offer free wi-fi and beverages that don't require APR financing and you should do quite well. 

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