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  Icemaker Repair 

Icemaker Repair 

How to Repair a Icemaker  

If you have trouble with your ice maker, you can try to diagnose the issue yourself before calling a repair man. A good place to start is the manual for the appliance; it's always easier when you have the service manual for the machine. I've listed below some of the most common issues with ice makers and their solutions. 

A simple yet very common problem is it may be turned off. There will be a wire along the right side of the ice maker that looks like a clothes hanger. If the wire is in the upright position the ice maker is most likely turned off. If this is the case try one of these: 

If your appliance has a small red plastic lever, push it down to lower the wire. 

If it has a plastic lever, just lower the wire. 

In either case, it should start producing ice again. The temperature in the freezer needs to be 8 degrees Fahrenheit or lower so check for this. If it is above this temperature the appliance will not cycle on and produce ice. 

Another possible reason for no ice is the tube may be blocked. If so you will need to melt the blockage with a hair dryer. You will need to e careful and not apply to much heat to the plastic, it can melt. Also it may be necessary to replace the water shut off valve and or the water inlet valve. 

Ice maker head assembly may be broken is one last place to check. Look to see if the gears have broken. There are small plastic arms that lean up against the ice rake, check to see if they are broken. The head assembly is a modular piece so if it is found to be broken you can just replace the parts. 

These are some common ice maker troubleshooting tips. It is best to read the manual or instructions carefully when trying to fix appliances. You could potentially damage the system event more if you try to fix it without knowing how. 

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