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 Promotional Coffee Mugs 2012

Promotional Coffee Mugs are a Great Way to Promote Any Business, Personalize your Coffee Cup and more... 

Promotional Coffee Mugs 

Promotional coffee mugs are among the more successful and cost-effective ways to highlight your company name and keep it prominently displayed on a customer's or prospect's desk. 

Personalized coffee mugs are one of those simple desktop business gift ideas that are well tried and trusted.

They are one of that select group of promotional items that sit on the desk day after day, week after week and month after month without giving offense - and all through humble custom coffee mugs!

Promotional coffee mugs are usually earthenware with colored glaze options and styles that will suit most occasions.

However, for a more exclusive business gift a bone china promotional coffee mug offers a more prestigious and stylish option. Alternatively, you might consider a promotional travel mug for the out-of-doors type.

By far the most spectacular example of a promotional coffee mug is one that is heat sensitive which, when hot liquid is added, reveals a brilliant and vibrant full color sales message that is always a talking point.

Although many custom coffee mugs are handed out at various functions and by sales people there is a place for them as part of a mailing package.

Initially, a mail campaign may not seem the most logical desktop mailer. All the same using polystyrene postal cartons ensures a mug will arrive safely and stand out from the crowd.

Using a two-step mailer of an introductory letter outlining the sales pitch with a note to watch out for the next package can create an air of expectancy and mystery...and works well in practice!

Custom coffee mugs used like this are a most reasonably priced part of a direct mail promotion - just do some testing.

This will confirm that a campaign utilizing a mug will do better than a campaign without a promotional item; sometimes by as much as 30% or 40%; consequently proving the value of a mug as promotional give aways.

Promotional Coffee Mugs and Coffee Cups

The costs are not exceptional as a half-decent earthenware promotional coffee mug can be had for around $1.25 - $1.95 and this means that you can put a mug on someone's desk for less than a 2 or 3 cents a working day - not a bad advertising return on such a minimal investment.

There are many other promotional gift products competing for space on a desk but very few are superior to a promotional mug for all-round usefulness although not necessarily for durability. Nevertheless, people sometimes become so attached to a particular coffee mug that, in the event of a breakage, they often call and ask for a replacement. And that must be a testament to the quality of your advertising promotional coffee mug.

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